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Why this project? Why now?

We are in a holy time of rapidly shifting awareness.

Many Jews are seeking community in an increasingly hostile world,

and many trans folks are finding worlds of people

who share their experiences, and seeking radical acceptance from their communities.

It is our responsibility to make our Jewish communities welcoming and supportive, and this is a tool for that liberation.

In order for nonbinary community members to be fully embraced in Jewish ritual cycles, we must have a way to honor them in Hebrew. This dilemma was featured in a Tablet Magazine article last year.


JTA recently wrote about one example, a nonbinary teen’s B’nai Mitzvah. These articles signal not only the increased occurrence of milestone celebrations in Jewish community for nonbinary congregants but also widespread interest on the topic of these ceremonies from the larger American Jewish community.


Furthermore, both and Noach Dzumra’s Balancing on the Mechitza outline prayer and ritual to mark special moments of transition; however, these resources are limited by their binary nature.



On April 6th, 2016, the Rabbinical Assembly of Conservative Judaism instructed “all programs affiliated with the Conservative Movement” to fully welcome trans members of the community into all practices and to respect their pronouns and identities.  (“Resolution Affirming the Rights of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People.”)

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