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Gender-Expansive Options in More Languages

LBGTQIA+ Everyone: The State of Inclusive Language Around the World

Note that the Lior interviewed here is not Lior Gross, co-facilitator of The Nonbinary Hebrew Project

Nonbinary wiki circular logo, purple, yellow, white and black

Fil Corbitt's Podcast on "How gender neutral language is working for non-binary people, and how it’s developing in English, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Hebrew"

(we ARE interviewed here)

A guide to how gender-neutral language is developing around the world - Washington Post header

WALS Project, 44A: Gender Distinctions in Independent Personal Pronouns

World map with multicolored dots


If you are interested in trans & nonbinary terminology in Yiddish, check out this post!

League for Yiddish Facebook post


"Resisting the idea that sex influences gender and thereby influences sexuality was impossible for me; rejecting gender as a social construct was not an option. Imagining, then, an existence beyond the gender binary was not even feasible. How could I be something I didn’t have words for? How can I be something I can’t articulate? " From "They/them in Arabic: Stories from the Outside" by Khaled Alqahtani

Creating a language of our own Farah Barqawi

In Spanish... use elle/les!

If you are interested in amazing efforts to use gender-expansive language in Spanish, check out this article...

Remezcla article about Les pronoun for Spanish

...and this bilingual story book for kids about using nonbinary pronouns!

They Call me Mix storybook
The Case FOR 'Latinx': Why Intersectionality Is Not a Choice

and this wikipedia article (in Spanish) about the pronoun elle

and this article about elle (in English):

NBC News: A gender neutral Spanish pronoun? For some, 'elle' is the word

and this article about feminist translators in Argentina

The Femininst Translators and interpreters revolutionizing the profession in Argentina
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