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Trans Jews bring blossoming and vibrancy to our Jewish communities, spaces, rituals, texts, and traditions. Everything is growing and changing, and we are bringing unique and important leadership to enliven every aspect of Jewish life, for the thriving of all life and the flourishing of new ways of being everywhere. There's so many beautiful offerings that I can't contain in finite time and internet space, but please let me know what else to add and I will be happy to do so!


Trans Torah : a resource diving into the ways in which we can find ourselves in the text, with writings and scholarship by Joy Ladin, R' Elliot Kukla, R' Reuven Zellman, Max Strassfeld, and Micah Bazant Logo half green half traditional scribal text

Trans Halakha project at SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva
R' Becky Silverstein and Laynie Soloman

SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva logo
Xai how are you logo on pink with hamsa and text in speech bubble
Ezra Furman performing with a guitar in hand at Arts Club Liverpool
pink peacock over a triangle crowned with shin and flowers in feathers
Kosher Queers with U as OU hechsher with trans arrows
TimTum Zine cover with horned figure sewing their own horizontal scars on chest, "A Trans Jew Zine"
Abby Stein portrait looking over right shoulder with long dark hair
Binya Koatz with undercut and earrings portrait
Jericho Vincent in suit sitting on dark couch with hair in updo and baby hairs

Shel Maala Online Yeshiva, check on Discord, classes here:

Trans Led Hallel monthly with Simcha Halpert Hanson and Joshua Avishur on Facebook

Transparent Season 4 on Amazon's cover painting

The TV show Transparent, created by trans Jew Jill Soloway, has radically changed the way that pop culture engages with Judaism, trans folks, and family, as well as the visibility of trans Jewish identity and what it means.

Here are some resources to learn more:

Other writings by/about trans Jews

Coming Out & Sharing Stories

Valuing our Place in Jewish Community

Mikveh & Ritual

Highlighting History

Check out Joy Ladin's resource list here:

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