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This font holds both masculine and feminine endings of Hebrew!

"The various vowel points have a potent relationship to particular sephirot.  The segol relates to chesed, unconditional love.  Rabbi Aaron Raskin, who writes on the spiritual powers of Hebrew letters, also sees the 3 dots as a sign in itself and states that just as the segol is made up of three points, the people of Israel are composed of Kohanim, Levites, and Israelites."  So this vowel is a symbol of unification, which is so fitting in creating non-binary language."

Using a Segol to Create Non-Binary Pronouns in Hebrew

by Gabrielle Pescador, ALEPH

If you want to see out a non-gendered ketubah, check out this amazing one from Rabbi Jonah Rank & Dr. Raysh Weiss!

Here is a non-gendered prayer for those in need of healing from Rabbi Jonah Rank

If you want to spread the word, share this infographic!


Infographic about the Nonbinary Hebrew Project

"I'm queer and Jewish, but I have felt a little disconnected from my roots in recent years because I haven't found any community or group for me to be a part of. What are some good resources for me to look into that will fulfill my needs?"




Queer Jewish Organizations (ie that’s their purporse)

Keshet and 



Sojourn: Southern Jewish Resource Network 

Laviot UK

JQ International 

Sephardic Mizrachi Q Network and 

A longer list of orgs: 






Other Jewish communities/organizations that are queer


Facebook groups like Deassimilation Education, Sounds Frum and Queer and that’s Geshmak, sounds like a toevah but OK, and more  and folks who made it, like Rabbi elliot kukla, Emily aviva kapor mater, Reuben zellman

Queer Jews of Color Resource List 


More Books and Authors

“Wrestling with God and Men: Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition” by Rabbi Steven Greenberg

“Torah Queeries: Weekly Commentaries” 

Kate Bornstein 

S Bear Bergman 

Shira glassman 

“Friday the Rabbi Wore Lace : Jewish Lesbian Erotica” 

“Keep Your Wives Away From Them: Orthodox Women, Unorthodox Desires” 

“Stone Butch Blues” & “drag king dreams” by les Feinberg 

“Becoming Eve” Abby Stein 

“Soul of the Stranger” & “Through the Door of Life” & many books of poetry by Joy Ladin 

“Balancing on the Mechitza” Noach Dzmura 

“A Rainbow Thread” Noam Sienna 



Tahara, Disobedience, Shiva Baby, The Birdcage, and Circus of Books


Ritual items

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